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Name:Bruce Wayne // Batman
Birthdate:Dec 4
Location:Gotham, New Jersey, United States of America
Bruce Wayne, in many continuities, picks up the cowl between the age of twenty and twenty two. This is Bruce at age twenty one, starting out his career as Batman in the modern day, trying to get the hang of this whole crime-fighting thing. Not entirely used to the horrors of what humanity can do to each other, still working on his lying skills to obfuscate his double life, and struggling to run his company, he's finding his balance. Which would be fine, if there weren't so many ways to screw this up and get killed. Still, he's too invested in this to back out, so onward into danger we go.

Bruce is his usual lying, 'I swear I'm a rich ditz' self, with a core of depression he's never going to address and a keen mind that can put things together to solve crimes that seem unsolvable. His dedication to this is already ironclad, but his confidence he can actually do it is a touch lacking. This, sadly, is the closest to optimistic Batman will ever get - he hasn't yet become paranoid and doesn't always expect the worst, but he's slowly getting there.
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